CyberBullying and Text Bullying


Cyberbullying can involve nasty text messages, phone recordings or web posts being used to threaten, abuse or harm someone.  It's like physical or verbal bullying, but its used through technology instead.

CyberBullying, like all bullying, is very upsetting and difficult on the victim.  It can be hard to prove and difficult to get the courage to report it.

If you are experiencing this kind of bullying, it is very important that you dont suffer in silence.  Also, if you have witnessed cyberbullying on a friend, it is important that you take action to help your friend.

Read A Guide To Intenet Safety For Young People - this has information on when and how to contact service providers if you are being cyberbullied.

Steps to take if you are a victim of CyberBullying

Text Bullying
 Texting can be used to harass, bully and frighten people.  Text bullying or harassment can be texts that insult, threaten, frighten you or make you feel uncomfortable.  Email, social network sites such as Twitter/Facebook and phone calls can be used to harass in the same way.  It is illegal to bully or harass someone by text, phone, Internet or email and if the harassment is getting out of hand you should report it to the Gardai immediatley.

If you are being bullied by Text:


Parents Section

Get With IT is a series of booklets provided specially for parents as a guide to the Internet on how they can ensure their children are using the Internet in a safe way.

A Guide To Internet Safety For Parents

Get With IT - A parent's guide to CyberBullying

Get WIth IT - A parent's guide to social-networking websites

Get With IT - A parent's guide to filtering technologies

Get With IT - A parent's guide to new media technologies