A Drogheda 24hr Webathon Website

Website Credits

This website was designed and built Free of Charge by the Drogheda 24hr Webathon team on Saturday 15th/Sunday 16th October 2011. The webathon participants who gave 24hrs of their own time for this website were:

The webathon was carried out in support of the Local Heroes campaign. Local Heroes is an RTÉ-wide campaign to support Irish jobs. As part of the campaign there will be a number of programmes on RTÉ Television and Radio, including the six-part television programme, Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back, which will follow the people of Drogheda as they come together to take their economic future into their own hands and start the fight-back for jobs.

The Drogheda 24hr Webathon was very generously sponsored by the following local and national companies:


A HUGE Thank you to everyone who made this happen!!